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Mission Statement:

We believe it is not enough to get only a CPR & First-Aid certification. Our mission is to train our students to be confident, knowing they can perform life-saving procedures in an emergency.

Company Overview

Golden State CPR has been serving the San Francisco, Bay Area is 2019. Our aim is to provide quality CPR and First Aid instruction with same-day certification to:

  • healthcare workers
  • nursing & medical students
  • dental office staff
  • behavioral & mental health employees
  • school teachers and staff
  • daycare employees
  • construction site workers
  • lifeguards and gym staff
  • any individual that wants to be prepared in the case of an emergency

Courses Offered

  • Initial Training & Certification
  • Renewal Certification
  • Heart Code Skills Check

Our Core Values

At Golden State CPR, we create a low-stress teaching environment where students can learn and master CPR & First Aid skills. Our goal is to serve our customers and give back to the community through emergency preparedness knowledge and skills.


We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding ares

Dedicated Instructors

Patrick, the founder of Golden State CPR, has instructed thousands of students through the San Francisco, Bay Area. He has worked in public safety for nearly 15 years as an EMT, Paramedic, and currently as a Firefighter-Paramedic. 

Every instructor on the GSCPR team aims to provide effective CPR & First Aid training and instill confidence in their students to use those skills in an emergency.

Company Profile

NAICS: #611699, #423450, #611519
USNCP: #42172100, #46201001, #42272300, #46211500

CONTACT: Patrick Dickison